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Available in cool white and RGB.
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and flexible LED strips.
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LED 12/24v DC bulbs in the UK.

Discount LED bulbs: G4, GU10, LED tapes and more....

Start saving now! Save up to 90% on your lighting energy bills by converting to LED lighting. Just select the replacement light bulb you are trying to replace and we will find a selection of LED alternatives using the same base connector.

Replacement 240V Household LED Bulbs - 240V

GU10 240V led bulbs

E27 240V led bulbs

B22 240V led bulbs

E14 240V led bulbs

G9 240V led bulbs

Replacement 12V & 24V LED Bulbs

MR16 12V led bulbs

MR11 12V led bulbs

Marine 12v led bulbs

G4 12V led bulbs

G4 LED warm white

LED Flexible Light Tape & Strips (per metre)

LED tape Cool White

LED tape Warm White

LED tape Temperature Changing

LED tape RGB

LED Flexible Light Tape & Strip Controllers
Led Dimmers
Led RGB Controllers
Led Temperature Changing Controllers
LED Drivers & Power Supplies
Led 12 Volt Drivers
Led 24 Volt Drivers

About our discount LED bulbs

With Litecone, you will be able to save on your energy bill and your led bulb purchases. We deliver a high quality service through our experience in the construction industry, thus you will find many discount led bulbs, as well as G4 12v led bulbs, led tapes, GU10 50w equivalent led bulbs and much more.

Our discount led bulbs are convenient both for professionals, architects and designers, as well as domestic and trade customers. Take advantage of the discount we offer on low quantities, all with a free delivery service.