E27 LED Bulbs 240V

E27 Edison Screw is the common name for this type of fitting. Like the similar B22 bulbs, they are one of the most common household bulbs in the UK and until recently could only be replaced by compact flourescents. These LED alternatives operate in exactly the same way as a standard incandescent bulb and are also dimmable which make them an ideal energy saving solution. Ensure the base cap of the bulb you are replacing matches the two images on the right. To see a larger version, click on the image.
E27 7.5W Warm White Dimmable LED Bulb
£ 11.69
7.5W Warm White Dimmable
480lm (≃ 60W)
E27 7.5W Cool White Dimmable LED Bulb
£ 11.69
7.5W Cool White Dimmable
530lm (≃ 60W)
E27 12W Warm White Corn LED Bulb
£ 11.99
12W Warm White
1100lm (≃ 100W)
E27 12W Cool White Corn LED Bulb
£ 11.99
12W Cool White
1200lm (≃ 100W)