GU10 LED Bulbs 240V

How to replace your GU10 led bulbs

Ensure the base cap of the GU10 led bulb you are replacing matches the two images on the right. To see a larger version, click on the image.

GU10 led bulb features

Our range of GU10 led bulbs includes dimmable bulbs, GU10 50W replacement led bulbs and several other LED models. Please check the dimension diagram before ordering. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the replacement of your GU10 LED bulbs.
GU10 20SMD 5050 3.5W Warm White
£ 7.85
3.5W Warm White
290lm (3.5W = 40W)
GU10 20SMD 5050 3.5W Cool White
£ 7.85
3.5W Cool White
310lm (3.5W = 40W)
GU10 24SMD 5050 5W 60° Cool White
£ 8.80
5W Cool White
450lm (5W ≃ 50-55W)
GU10 24SMD 5050 5W 60° Warm White
£ 8.80
5W Warm White
420lm (5W ≃ 50-55W)
GU10 60SMD 3528 3.5W - Pack of 4 Mixed Colour
£ 7.99
3 x Warm White
1 x Cool White
End of Line so 1 pack only
GU10 4X1W Warm White Dimmable - Pack of 4
£ 11.99
4W Warm White Dimmable
270lm (= 35W)
End of line so 1 pack only